Our Team

Peter Tilley. Consultant and legal assistant to Christopher Helt, Esq. Mr. Tilley has over 30 years of immigration experience, having worked for the former (legacy) Immigration & Naturalization Service (INS) as an Immigration Service Analyst (Southern Region, Orlando, FL.) and assisted the INS Regional Director on immigration benefit applications.

As a former DHS Section Chief of the Atlanta USCIS Field Office, he dealt with a myriad of benefit applications, balancing immigrantsí needs and DHS mission goals, reporting directly to the USCIS District Director. Mr. Tilley has vast experience dealing with congressional inquiries for USCIS benefit applications, and extensively has worked with USCISí National Benefit Center (NBC) during his tenure as DHS Section Chief.

He served as a supervisor to 25 USCIS officers, and had a number of senior supervisory USCIS officers working under his direct supervision. Mr. Tilley understands the concerns of immigrants navigating through the often-complex American immigration process and the importance of listening to immigrantís concerns. He practices what he preaches: Mr. Tilley was the first to implement the DAO customer survey program for each of USCISí Southern Region Field Offices, considering immigrantsí demands to provide efficient immigration services to all USCIS applicants, and helped start the first USCIS office on a U.S. military base. He understands very well that immigrants are a critical part of the men and woman who service our country. Mr. Tilley prides himself as a patriot and he is a decorated U.S. veteran (USAF, ret).

You can reach Mr. Tilley at 312.266.0531 Ext. 708, or email him at Peter@heltlawgroup.com